Arcomagno hotel en zijn faciliteiten

Are you traveling in Italy and are looking for an exceptional hotel for a great vacation? Then the hotel Arcomagno hotel village club might be something for you!
Not only is this a beautiful hotel in one of the prettiest regions of Italy, in San Nicola Arcella and is situated 50 meters from the sea, but also offer many facilities and activities to enjoy a vacation that you probably will not soon more forget.
What can you do do? How about hiking, the known hiking, or riding some more for you? For underwater enthusiasts, there is also an option to go diving, then perhaps you will see nature in all its glory as you no longer here. These three things can you do with true pay an additional fee. Want to enjoy but without a charge? The hotel also has its own private beach! Fun for the zonnnekloppers and absolutely great for the kids who can play safely!
For children there is indeed provided a nice playground and become entertainment provided by experienced animators who can always put a smile on your angels, so boredom is totally excluded and the parents can relax completely enjoy their well-deserved vacation.
What things are for the hotel offer yet?
How about a solarium? It is relax and good for body and mind! Apart from a private beach, the hotel also offers a swimming pool and on top of that a private outdoor pool, obviously this is only in season. So you see there for everyone’s taste. How do you plan the best vacation you to this fantastic destination? You learn in the next blog.

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