Backpacken in Australië

What makes backpacking fun?

When backpacking you have a lot of freedom. You just got rid of all your daily chores and you can go wherever you want. This is for many people very attractive. When backpacking get to know other cultures and you will probably meet many new people. You do while traveling much life experience and many people come as a completely different person back. Additionally, you will see the natural course much while traveling.

What backpacking in Australia so special is the nature. Australia is known for its many unusual animals that live there. Many animals that you will encounter in Australia you will find nowhere else in the world in the wild. This makes traveling to Australia obviously very attractive. People in Australia are known to be very friendly. We think Australia so great continent to backpacking. A disadvantage is that Australia is a good deal more expensive than many other popular backpacking destinations. In Asia you are usually a lot cheaper.

What to see in Australia?

In Australia you can find many national parks that are worth visiting. For example, there Murramarang National Park in New South Wales. In Murramarang is almost certain that you would be able to spot kangaroos. The park has several hiking trails where you will watch your eyes move. In addition, this park is full of beautiful beaches. Many of these beaches are also very suitable for surfing. Murramarang is just one of the beautiful national parks in Australia. Australia is extremely versatile and many national parks differ enormously from one another. We can recommend you bother to visit some of these parks while backpacking in Australia.

Also, many cities in Australia worth visiting. The largest city in Australia is Sydney. This is a city you should not miss if you are in Australia. The nightlife here is very nice, but going there was to do next. Thus Sydney is full of nice restaurants of different cultures. Also you will find several museums that are worth visiting. Besides Sydney of course there are more cities that are worth visiting, such as Melbourne.

What do you remember when backpacking in Australia?

Backpacking in Australia is great fun, yet it is always useful if you are well prepared. So you should not underestimate the distances between different areas in Australia. Australia is very large and you will sometimes encounter one long hours. Please also note that not all animals are as cute as they look. As an angry kangaroo may for example be very dangerous. Always keep your guard in wild animals. Want to know more about backpacking in Australia or backpacking in general? Then a website that can be very useful. We hope that you decide to go backpacking in Australia.

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