Asia is one of the luckiest continents to be to be endowed with quite a number of beautiful beaches in the world. If one is travelling and is looking for a gorgeous beach destination that is quite relaxing, then the Asian beaches are the perfect place.

Below are just but a few of the best beach destinations in the continent:

Railay Beach:

Railay beach is one of Asia’s beauties that is located in a town by the name Krabi in Thailand. Technically, Railay is part of the mainland but one can only get access to the area by boat and this gives it the entire essential island feel. It is one of the island paradises for the entire year and is a quiet and secluded area where one can visit especially if they want to avoid the high season. Some of the activities that could be enjoyed in the area includes climbing, swimming, kayaking among others. Focus in the area is tranquil and that makes it one of the best places for one to adventure. The bright white beach together with the blue water that is crystal clear is what one would not want to miss.


Bothut is a beach village in Thailand. Although there are some undergoing development of new hotels and villas, the area has gained its popularity as result of the presence of sandy shores that are white in colour, coconut palms that are always swayed by the beautiful winds and not forgetting the Sino Thai environment that is traditional in nature. On the east side of the beach is the gorgeous Fisherman’s village that has never been spoiled and has quant wooden shops together with ancient buildings. There are pubs, spas, shops, excellent eateries located among the main road. Services such as manicures, pedicures as well as massages are not that expensive and thus have attracted many customers.

Nusa Dua:

Thus is one of Indonesia’s beauties that have quite a number of accommodations which are luxurious in nature. There are also many golf resorts that are on the southern part. If one is seeking some adventure, they can enjoy activities such as diving, surfing among others. There are white sands that


Candolim is one of the beautiful beaches in India. It is a very popular resort destination that was once a fishing village. It is the perfect place where one can relax, dine, shop in the souvenirs, or even beach comb. The area has a sandy beach that is soft, together with deep blue waters which are perfect for one to swim. Any sunbather in need of a massage can get one as they are available in the area. There are also shops, cafes, restaurants and even hawkers along the beach and for dolphin watching there are boat tours.

Perhentian Island:

This island is located off the Malaysian coast and is well known among backpackers. It is one of the most affordable beaches that are best for jungle trekkers and also sea based adventures. There is a number of wildlife such as sea turtles and sharks that live in the coral ringed island and thus the place is also best for any adventurer.

The above are not the only beauties in the Asian continent, there are other quite a number of them. Make a plan to visit the places in one of your holidays and I can tell you will not come back the same.winterstalling Impeller

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