The best holiday Getaway

Have you ever been tossed up between what you want to do for the holidays? Well you no longer have to be tossed up about where to spend a holiday or even a short break to enjoy yourself. The most popular city that holds the holiday specials is in Zagreb. …

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Water sports and more!

Cliff diving and rope diving is a hot attraction that this tour can take you on. An Adrenaline junkie or an adventurous, which are you ? You can jump into this tour and figure out for yourself. The Adrenalina tour is for those who just can’t sit still. you can …

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Three Cave tour

Are you into the dark and mystic things in life? The three caves tour is a great attraction, it has beautiful rock sculptures. These diamond like rock shaped sites are more than memorable there unforgettable. The tour starts in the town Hvar where the ancient caves have been born. When …

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