Seas,Rivers and Lakes

Super South locations of Turkey

ANTALYA This is a city that sits on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. It is one of the most visited cities in the world as it was placed in third position in the year 2013. Antalya is widely known for its beaches, nature scenery and its historical sites within it. …

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What’s So Special About Lake Michigan?

From the bustling urban-industrial community in the south to the wave-washed beaches along the northern shores, the system of economic, cultural and ecological diversity that is represented by Lake Michigan stands unparalleled all along the mid-Western region of the United States. The second largest of the Great Lakes in terms …

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Top 3 Most Deadly Sea Fishes

The animal kingdom is full of varied creatures, all built for the kill. Nature has bestowed on them some amazing weapons for defence and for killing prey. This applies to underwater creatures too.Here are a few of the deadliest animals that lurk beneath your feet when you are in the …

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5 Most Powerful Rivers in the World


Rivers are what has allowed mankind to become the dominate animal on Earth. It was rivers that made possible all sites of mass human habitation that would in time develop into the world’s great cities. These great waterways provide us with food, water, transportation, farming, electricity, and possess a beauty that …

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