Croatia’s best

A glimpse of Croatia best attractions and sceneries will be held with this tour. Private, flexible and customizable times that accommodate to your needs, what a perfect way to start your tour.

You will arrive in slovenia, at the airport in Ljubljana your private transfer to the hotel of the antique Palace Will be accommodated. Here you will be able to hop into some leisure clothing to enjoy the rest of the night. In the morning there a guide starting you off with a tour of the capital city. You will walk down to the eastern bank of the Ljubljanica river, and then you’ll walk up to the toes of the Historic Castle Hill.

Perhaps a private tour of the Bled and the Bohnji. This is perfect for a calming morning morning stroll after a nice breakfast. You can even take a boat trip to the Virgin Mary Baroque which stands in the middle of the islands. You can also visit the blood Castle, it is the oldest castle in the country. The blood Castle was built in 1004 AD and it’s still standing to the beautiful structure that it was first built on.

Next you can visit the town of Rovinj.This town is said to be one of the most beautiful towns in Croatia. This is said because of Its natural beautiful surroundings and the cultivated habitat that surrounds the city. You can walk along with the natural surroundings and find hidden beauties and treasures. Lastly you can walk along and see beautiful art painted by the most popular artist in this area.

Best of the Best of the Best of the Best, well that’s what this tours is explained to have. From art to nice strolls alongside the beautiful luscious outdoors,to well just about anything that fancy the eye you will see with this awesome tour.

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