Days and days to cruise

What’s that you say, an 8 day cruise! Thriving to see all of Croatia’s Islands? This Cruise of a lifetime will send you through the antique architectural islands of Croatia. Here you will visit the most popular islands that are said to be the best.

Venice is where you will start and also in for your convenience. But don’t worry this will not cut back on any of the famous sites that you were promised to see and explore. Cruising along the way you will see these famous cities: Pula, Split, Hvar, Korcula and Dubrovnik. This cruise is perfect for first-time Croatia visitors.

Corfu is one of the first stops in this spectacular Cruise. Corfu Is close to Olympia where the games begin in 776 BC. Here you will see the remains of a volcano and be able to stay in a hotel close by in Athens. Kvarner bay is at the tip Croatia coastline, this place is especially popular for those who are not good with crowds. This area stays crowdless even in summer months when tourism is popular. This area can be very popular due to the sightseeing for dolphins. It is also popular for, champagne from the sea and the perfumed gardens it renders itself from.

Next stop is Dalmatia. If you’re into exploring the trails of Dalmatia while riding a bike this is perfect for you. This is also perfect for those who like long hikes up beautiful Greenery paths or alongside the captivating Hills of Dalmatia. Here you can catch butterflies fluttering alongside of you as you enjoy the crisp air of the Mediterranean Sea.

On the ship and off the ship what a unique way to attract tourists all around the world. This 8 day cruise is one that you nor your family will never forget. Never been to Croatia this to her can be your first visit ever, and maybe even make you want to take more visits in the future.

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