De 20 mooiste bergen om te beklimmen

  1. The Dolomites in Italy

The Dolomites are very beautiful mountains in Italy. Not only the mountains are beautiful, but also very style. This makes climbing the mountain have a challenge. The highest peak in the Dolomites is more like 3.3 kilometers high.

  1. Mount Fuji in Japan

Mount Fuji is a mountain in Japan. Mount Fuji is an active volcano. The mountain is very beautiful, but also Japan’s highest mountain at 3,376 meters. It is worth to visit Honshu once this mountain.

  1. De Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

This mountain is 5,595 meters high and thus the highest mountain in Africa. Despite this high altitude is to climb the mountain quite well. There are several routes with different difficulty levels, which makes the mountain also an ideal place for climbers.

  1. Matterhorn in Switzerland

Matterhorn is the most famous mountain in Switzerland. This will not surprise you when you may see the mountain with their own eyes. The mountain is 4478 meters high and quite difficult to climb. A challenge for the experienced climber so.

  1. Alpamayo in Peru

A very beautiful mountain in Peru. This mountain is 5,947 meters high and thus a challenge. The incredibly beautiful shape of the mountain is this very popular with climbers.

  1. Mount Denali in Alaska

Mount Denali is a mountain of 6,194 meters. The mountain is very popular with climbers, but nevertheless a real challenge. The climb will certainly not underestimate.

  1. Mount Everest in Nepal

Everyone knows the mountain well, it’s because the world’s highest mountain at 8,848 meters it. This enormous height make the mountain a popular destination for climbers. Unfortunately you have to pay a lot to be able to climb this mountain.

  1. K2 in Pakistan

The K2 in Pakistan with 8611 meters the second highest mountain in the world. This mountain is very difficult to climb and therefore a target for many mountaineers. Note very carefully, because this mountain is also known as “Killer Mountain”. This mountain has a mortality rate of 25%.

  1. Mont Blanc in France

This mountain is 4,810 meters high and thus the highest peak in the Alps. This summit is therefore a popular spot for rock climbers. Montblanc is pretty good climb.

  1. Mount Shirouma in Japan

Mount Shirouma to climb 2932 meter high and pretty good. Under Japanese mountaineers is the place very popular. The mountain itself looks very nice.

  1. Ama Dablam in Nepal

Ama Dablam is not very high, but still very beautiful. The mountain is very steep and therefore difficult to climb.

  1. Mauna Loa Utah op

Mauna Loa is a volcano in Hawaii or 4170 meters. The area consists of Hawaii for more than half of this volcano.

  1. Elbrus in Rusland

Elbrus is located in the European part of Russia and is 5642 meters Europe’s highest mountain. Despite the high altitude, this mountain is relatively easy to climb.

  1. Mount Sinaï in Egype

This mountain is to climb 2285 meter high and well. The climb starts at a monastery. Mount Sinai is very nice to see.

  1. Ben Nevis in Scotland

Ben Nevis is only 1344 meters high, while remaining the highest mountain in Britain. This mountain is easy to climb.

  1. Table Mountain in South Africa

This mountain is only 1086 meters high, but still very nice to see the familiar flat shape. The mountain is because of the extent fairly easy to climb.

  1. Jebel Toubkal in Marokko

Jebel Toubkal is a mountain of 4167 high. The mountain is not very difficult to climb, but this makes the trip not less beautiful.

  1. Olympus

This mountain with its 2918 meters the highest mountain in Greece. Olympus was very important for the ancient Greeks, it would also be the abode of the god Zeus.

  1. Mount Bromo in Indonesie

Bromo is 2392 meters high and the most famous volcano in Java. Despite the popularity of the volcano that is the highest volcano on Java.

  1. Half Dome

Half Dome is famous for the unique shape of the mountain. The mountain is fairly easy to climb, and not very high. Yet the unique shape of the mountain is a fun place to visit.

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