Driving your own tour

Do you ever wish that you could make your own tour or even chose when and where the tour with begin and end? Well with this tour you will be able to rent a vehicle and take along drive along the beautiful lands of Croatia.

You will drive Into Dubrovnik, and getting to Split the capital city of Dubrovnik. This ancient graceful town has beautiful artwork up and down the inner metropolitan area. You can stop at each rest area to set aside a couple photos to capture. There are also activities in some cities to help entertain your tour of the great cities.

Will you drive Through the cities of Zadar, Zagreb? Of course you will it’s your tour, you are the guide you’re the Spectator and commentary choose where you go.The smaller cities are spectacular for those who are into more modern sized cities. These cities are popular for the comfort of the newer modern type activities to stay up to date with the world today.

This package has very high success rate cuz of its autonomy with the tour. You no longer have to be bored of your local guide with lame commentary. Put music on to flow with the scenery. Or stop whenever and take minuet to gobble in a bite to eat. Pass through the hidden forests and watch the beautiful birds fly. Do whatever you would like on the dive your own tour.

So if you like to pick and choose your tour pick the self drive tour. Choose the nights you stay. Choose how many nights you want the car and choose the hotel of your choice. They all come with 4 star accommodations. Griekipedia

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