Facts about Yacht Services in Dubai

Dubai is one of the premier tourist attractions in the world. In fact, in 2015, the recorded number of international overnight visitors to Dubai is 14.26 million! As a playground to billionaires, the shipbuilding industry became an in-demand industry in Dubai. And with that came a thriving, billion-dollar yachting industry.

Each year, the country spends billions of dollars in construction, repair and maintenance cost of yachts. Thanks to its strategic location, Dubai boasts of Asian and European weather and sensibilities. With picturesque beaches and sunny weather all year round, yachting is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai!

Why Go Yachting in Dubai

Gorgeous Landscapes

Splurging on a trip to Dubai? We highly recommend touring in style! Because yachting services are booming in the country, there are loads of shipping companies that offer sailing services in every corner of Dubai.

And what a view! Dubai is home to hundreds of golden beaches, each one boasting of fabulous natural and man-made landscapes. Even better, there are different yacht centers and marinas in the region. These marinas can accommodate yachts of all sizes, including luxury charter yachts, mega yachts and sailing super ships!

A Luxurious Celebration

Sailing is isn’t strictly reserved for passionate sailors. You can rent a yacht to celebrate a wide range of special events including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and so much more!

Unique Experience

Whether you’re on a honeymoon or celebrating an important event with the whole family, make your summer getaway even more unforgettable by renting a yacht and exploring Dubai’s clear waters and colorful marine life. If the kids love water sports then you can simply dock the yacht on a nearby beach to go jet skiing, parasailing and so much more.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Yachting Service

Reputable Service Provider

Of course, you want to book a trip with a trusted service provider. Good thing there are hundreds of certified brokers who will match you up with the right service provider. After hiring a broker, you can inquire about all the available services you can expect from a yachting company, including payment method, safety gears, vessel maintenance, yacht evaluation, and registration.

If you prefer to book a trip on your own, we strongly recommend checking online for reputable service providers in Dubai.

The Crew

You can choose to navigate the charter yacht on your own or hire a crew that’s provided by the yacht service. If you are not familiar with the routes then we strongly recommend getting a knowledgeable skipper to do all the navigation for you! If you chose a skipper, take the time to discuss the best routes to take to your destination.


Most sailing services offer a comprehensive selection of safety gears and equipment to ensure a safe trip. However, do not rely on flashlights and lifejackets alone, you need to list down the local emergency numbers in Dubai. The emergency number of the Dubai coast guard is 996 while police number is 999.

Before the trip, make sure to monitor the weather and watch out for warnings from the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology. You can also check with the Dubai Coastal Zone Monitoring for weather forecast and coastal measurements.

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