Forget Winter Get to the Beach Now !

Although depending on where you live it might seem like winter is here to stay, the inexorable march of time means that you’re getting closer and closer to summer days and sunshine with every passing minute.

Summer means a lot of things, but without a doubt one of the things you’re probably looking forward to most is some time at the beach! Few things offer fun for the whole family the way the beach does, and below are some of the top games you can play while you’re soaking up some sun!

Fill the Bucket

This game might sound simple, and truth be told it is. That being said, it also has the potential to be a great deal of fun and exercise for people of all ages.  Simply divide your group into teams of any size (competing as individuals is fine as well), and set out buckets of equal size at the finish line. Provide each team with a tool to carry water from the surf to their respective bucket, and race relay style to be the first team to fill the bucket!


Don’t be scared away from this great family beach game because you think it requires expensive equipment and excessive setup. While you can certainly go the extra mile and setup your own regulation court, just a ball, a circle of friends and family, and ample sunscreen is the perfect recipe for an afternoon of fun! Don’t assume that just because you don’t have a court setup that you won’t be getting a workout though – be sure to bring plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Bocce Ball

Also known as lawn bowling in some parts of the world, this game can add a fun, yet competitive atmosphere to an already enjoyable outing. You can purchase a set of regulation balls from a variety of sources online, and should also be able to find some at your local sporting good stores. You can also make your own set easily. Simply find a set of uniform balls about softball size (although you can go bigger or small than that for some fun variations on the game), and one smaller ball to act as the target. One player should throw out the target ball, and then everyone takes turns throwing their ball as close as possible!


There is no better place to see how low you can go than the soft sand on a warm day! Add some music and maybe a few fun prizes to spice things up, but no matter what you do this is a great activity for everyone!

Collecting Shells

It might not seem like a game in the traditional sense, but few things are more fun for kids than collecting an assortment of shells they find at the beach. Make it a game by keeping track and seeing who can collect the most, or challenge yourselves with the daunting task of finding the best shell the beach has to offer.

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