Harbour Attractions in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world with beautiful landmarks and natural harbour. When on stay you will be treated with most memorable sights and sounds of the opera house, the harbour bridge as well as plenty of water activities.

Sydney offers a relaxed atmosphere packed with scenic beauty. It was once cited as the most clean and most user-friendly city. The scenic beauty of Sydney makes it a world top tourist city. Indeed, the water based activities as well as favourable climate makes Sydney an enviable city in the world. Recently, US leisure magazine voted Sydney as among “top ten cities in the world”.

With the efficient transport system, staying in Sydney is easy. The city is served well by rail as well as road. The city rail extends to suburban areas such as hunter and Blue Mountains. There are also Underground trains are well serving these areas. All you need is to buy tickets and travel to the place of choice. Alternatively, you may try the buses to move from one city to the other.

The sand beaches such as Coogee, Bondi and Manley, is among top in the world. Bondi is a great place for eatery. There are restaurants, cafes and bars. You might decide to relax after a bite in the rejuvenating atmosphere. Finally, The Manley beach is perfect for family fun. Sydney is one of the few tourist destinations with natural harbour. It is the best natural harbour in the world. This is a stretch of 240 km with lavish houses and gardens. Many would opt to stay at these locations when on holiday in Sydney. Moreover, the best way to enjoy the natural harbour is to use the affordable cruise boats, yachts and ferries. The ferry serve the famous Taronga Zoo, which is the country’s best zoological garden. This is exceptional place with both local and international animals. Besides, the place gives an overlooking view of the Sydney harbour bridge.

The Sydney opera house is another key attraction when you visit Sydney. The Sydney harbour bridge is perhaps the best attraction. A look at it in the night gives a perfect view of the lighting, never mind the height. The Sydney tower is the tallest structure that stands over 1000 ft. This gives a perfect scenic view in the city. Other important landmarks include the darling harbour. This was built run up to Sydney 2000 Olympics. There are also Chinese gardens, restaurants and Sydney aquarium.

The best part in Sydney is to look for accommodation. There is wide range of options such as cottage, family stay, holiday, small luxury hotel. There is superior hospitality in Sydney. Sydney is a multicultural society. The restaurants with different cuisines such as Vietnamese, Italian and Chinese are in plenty.

Sydney is a great tourist attraction judging from the robust transport systems, hospitality and uniqueness of the city. If you are looking to travel to Sydney be sure to sample the great attractions. You never want to miss the beautiful landmarks as you enjoy.

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