How to Build the Perfect Sandcastle

Forget about sunbathing on the beach getting some R and R on the island of Lanzarote; forget about swimming in the red sea on the coast of Egypt. The only thing you should be doing on a beach is building a sandcastle! Personally, I like to build mine around the sole aim of trying to repel and block the sea from destroying it as long as possible. This usually means it looks terrible with no artistic merit to it at all; however, it does stop the sea for a short while so I’m happy! With massive moats next to large barriers, I’ve got my defensive technique down to a tee after years of practice. However, if you fancy building something much more striking on the eye rather than moats and barriers, there are some things you should be aware of.

Here are some helpful tips to start you off on your sand adventure.

First off, it sounds simple but make sure you get the sand wet before you start to sculpt. Dry sand is rubbish for trying to build a castle so get plenty of water to dampen your building material. Once your sand is damp, to create firm structures, compact the sand as tightly as possible. This will give the sand more strength. Create any structure you want, as long as it’s stable, and you can now start to add sand pancakes and other blocks to create different features.

Now, if you want your castle to have some serious height, you’re going to have to dig lots. It sounds strange having to dig to get your castle higher but you need to dig to get the sand out of the beach and onto your sculpture. Make sure you take some digging tools to the beach with you, although I’m sure there’s plenty of bucket and spades to buy around the beach if you forget.

Once you’ve added height to your masterpiece, it’s time to start adding some serious details to it; after all, the devil is in the detail! My advice would be to take a small knife and various kitchen implements with you to the beach so you have a range of tools to choose from. It’s totally up to you how far you want to go with the detail, but I’d recommend doing as much as possible! The more detail, the better the castle! Finally, don’t forget to take plenty of photos of your creation as it won’t be long before some relative or friend decides to kick it down!

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