How to choose the best Men’s Wetsuit

If you are a water sports lover then you need to have a proper wetsuit with which you can have fun with lots of water sports including wakeboarding and diving. Men wetsuit allows to stay dry by keeping your body temperature to normal while you enjoy water sports activities. Before choosing the right wetsuit for yourself, you must have some information about what you should be looking for, what type of material is it, quality and cost, etc. Neoprene is the best choice for wetsuits as it has some good insulating properties and can keep you warn, while diving in cold seas or rivers. Many wetsuit manufacturers even use substitute of neoprene to save cost as it is an expensive material. There are other materials added for insulation as a layer.

Different types of Wetsuits

There are different type of men wetsuit available to choose depending upon what temperature conditions like for warm water shorty wetsuits are ideal. Even for surfing it is considered suitable for diving in warm water. For the spring season, there are longer wetsuits available which is having three quarter length and legs while the full wetsuit is called steamer which is an ideal choice for winter seasons and has full length of the sleeves and legs with better thickness to keep the body warm. Modern type of winter wetsuits is also available with a pull-over hood which zips at the front side.

What points to consider while choosing a Wetsuit

·         Choose according to sports: Wetsuits are also available according to the sports which you are playing like each sports require different set of freedom of movement like kite boarding. Water Surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing, etc., which require stretchable wetsuits having thinner panels which is required for better flexibility and movement. For diving, there is an additional padding available at the back for protection. So you can always choose the wetsuits according to the specific sport which you are playing.

·         Thickness factor: Choosing the right thickness of wetsuits is critical and it depends on the water temperature where it would be used in. A full length suit is best for colder seasons and the short length is good for average temperatures or warm season.

·         Cost effectiveness: Also budget plays a critical role of material used in its making. If you wear branded wetsuits with 100% neoprene wetsuits, it will cost you more. As wetsuits tend to wear out quickly, so it’s advised to choose a branded better quality wetsuit.  You may want to choose a cheaper option as it suits your pocket, you can purchase any quality wetsuit, if you are occasionally the user and try it out for fun, but if you are more serious about water sports activities and looking for good material, then it is advised to choose 100% genuine quality wetsuit.

·         Better fitting: A good fit is achieved by using panels, so a wetsuit always contains the number of panels. But, remember that there should not be any seams near neck or behind knees as it may obstruct the flexibility of your wetsuit and make your movement difficult while under sea.

·         How stitching is done: Blind stitching is performed on expensive wetsuits as this process is labor intensive. However, even the flat locking type of stitching is also performed on summer wetsuits for flexible and strong seam.

There is no reason to be cold when you are out to enjoy a day of diving or surfing. Finding the right men wetsuitcould be your ticket to catching a wave when others stay indoors. Enjoying a water sports activity in the winter using a wetsuit, has its benefits since you will have the calmest water in the winter.

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