Kamperen in Duitsland

Close to home camping in Germany

For a successful camping trip, you do not have to travel far. Also with our eastern neighbors can deliciously camp. Germany is very large compared to our own small country and therefore offers a lot more variety. For example, Germany has large forests and vineyards, but also beautiful beaches. Germany is a very popular camping country under the Dutch. This is not only because it is so close, but also because Germany this is simply very convenient.

Where camping in Germany?

Where you can camp the best in Germany is mainly due to your own preferences. As travel times, for example, very different. Count your travel times not participate you will need to look at the surroundings. For example you have in the southern Black Forest. As the name suggests, can be found here particularly large forests. A very convenient place to camp so. Bavaria is well suited for those who love mountains and Sauerland is a popular destination. Each one of these locations, we are very fond of. If you have even a little like camping, we expect that you will enjoy here really.

At campsites, there is no shortage in Germany. In Germany there is much culture and nature and there are plenty of activities. Several campsites have responded perfectly here. There are camping sites in Germany for the whole family. You can think of campsites with swimming pools and playground. There are campsites for people who primarily want to enjoy their rest. there is something for everyone to find something suitable. A good website to find it campsites http://www.allecampingsin.nl/duitsland/camping-zoeken-op-kaart/. On this website you can see how very similar it does not have many homes Germany.

Our own experience of camping in Germany

Of course we have as keen travelers gained our own camping experiences in Germany. We have tried various locations and our experience was most successful so far in the Black Forest. Yet we have also in Bavaria and Sauerland very entertained. If you really like camping Germany is a fantastic country. Keeps you do not really like camping and you would still like a holiday in Germany? We recommend a big city like Berlin. Also this part of Germany is very nice when you go out and keep culture. We also hear from your experiences.

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