Maldives: Honeymooner’s Seventh Heaven

One thousand one hundred Ninety-two coral islands assembled in a bifold chain of twenty-six atolls, one island nation, a natural sanctuary gifted with divine beauty and tranquillity based on the southwest of Sri Lanka, is Maldives. A perfect destination in Asia for those intimate encounters romantic getaways and celebration of love.There are countless approaches for the magical islands to mesmerize your celebration as a couple! The view of the endless turquoise waters that surround the island are soothing to the mind and soul while enjoying a relaxing spa whenever. Looking up at the dazzling stars of the night sky makes any dinner date extra special with the hint of a flickering candlelight that adds enchanting feel to the evening.

In Maldives, summer is unending. The warmth of both the weather and the people of Maldives are what make the place a constant attraction to tourists. With its fascinating ambience, appetizing foods of the Maldives cuisine which are world famous make every meal extra delectable. An emphasis to the seafood and tropical food lovers, you are assured with a satisfied tummy! The dancing of the Palm trees and botanical plants give out fresh fragrances. The feel of the white sand on the soles of the feet is very relaxing. Exploring the blissful coral reefs with your partner by taking a swim around with a mask and a fin and looking at the underwater vibrancy is a great way to enjoy and will truly be an experience that anyone would constantly dream of and would wish to relive the moments! A kayak or boat trip before sunset also sets a romantic atmosphere and an unforgettable experience of a lifetime! Even just taking a long walk, holding hands, from the villa going to the beachside hammock as a gentle expression of love for your partner is a good idea to share silent glances as a blessed couple. With its rejuvenating natural beauty, couples just could not resist in coming back and forth and explore more of Maldives.

Maldives have an endless list of must-see destinations that will surely take your breath away like the Kurumba Village, Asjehi Art Gallery and the National Museum. For marine lovers, scuba diving is a whole new under water experience for the waters of Maldives has only a few parallels anywhere on the face of the earth. Dolphin watching is also a common activity. For those adventurous couples out there, the resorts in Maldives offer water sports like Sailing, Wind Surfing, Wake Boarding, Jet Skiing, Banana Riding, Para Sailing, Knee Boarding, Kite Surfing, and many more!

Nothing compares to what two people who are in love share. You will never worry about anything else. Everything will come at ease and you will be very happy. It is only right to have the best of the best experience with the most special person in your life while it lasts. An escape from the pressures of reality towards a perfect paradise is indeed the way to spend honeymoon with your partner!

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