Met de camper een wereldreis maken

Traveling by RV

Traveling by RV is becoming increasingly popular. While traveling you need to book any hotels, you can indeed just sleep in the camper. This is obviously a very big advantage. Traveling by RV can be very beneficial. Note however that you can not always put anywhere a camper to stay. The rules on this vary by country. Yet it is not difficult to put something down your camper in most countries. Campers under 3500kg or less you may drive as eight seats with your car license. An RV can be very expensive to buy. However, we find that an RV is a very good investment. With RV travel around the world is an experience you will never forget.

What makes the world so much?

experienced, many people suffer from stress in daily life. Many people want to escape from everyday life in the Netherlands. Creating a world is a very nice option. Except that this is very relaxing will also see and learn a lot of things. You do a lot of new experiences during a world tour on. Also get to know people and cultures. Once you come back from a trip around the world you will have a lot to tell friends and family. Traveling is a way to quickly learn a lot. Even as a person will develop this in a positive way.

With RV travel around the world

Both traveling by camper as making a trip around the world are very popular nowadays. We recommend you to combine the two. So you can at night always sleep in your own familiar home, while enjoying the day of the culture of another country. In Europe there are a lot of places that are fun to visit. As Austria and Spain, for example, countries that are ideal for a trip with the camper. But outside of Europe there are many places you probably will not regret it if you visit them. Thus, Australia and South America, for example continents popular for backpacking, but also very suitable for a trip with the camper.

Highly recommended

With RV travel around the world is a real winner in our eyes. Few people choose to do this and it is a very unique experience. You must be constructed very adventurous to dare this. Are you planning to do this effectively? Deepen you right there in all the campers and which countries you want to visit. Campers can buy

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