Met de camper naar Spanje

What makes this trip so much fun?

Spain is a diverse country with good weather. There is plenty to see in this beautiful country and the differences between cities are enormous. In the country you will find snowy mountains, sunny beaches and green meadows. This makes an RV trip also ideal throughout the country. The great beaches, great weather and exciting nightlife make the country a popular tourist destination. You will never get bored in Spain. Also traveling by motor home is becoming increasingly popular. It gives a feeling of camping without you bothered by pests or cold. A camper can also save a lot of cost to overnight. There is no shortage of Spain campers. The camper pitches are marked with a sign in Spain.

Great cities to visit in Spain

In Spain there is an awful lot of tourism. There are so many popular cities that are fun to visit. For example, there Madrid’s Royal Palace and several museums that are well suited to visit. Barcelona is also a city with much to see. Popular coastal cities include Valencia and Benidorm. Outside the coastal area are many cities that are fun to see. Likewise cities in the Spanish Pyrenees, very nice. Here you will find example Lourdes and Toulouse. It’s great to see the differences between the cities on the coast and further inland cities.

The different regions of Spain

What a trip with the camper to Spain so special is the different regions of the country. Spain has 17 regions and the disparities between some regions are enormous. While traveling with the camper you can visit several of these regions. Each region is again divided into several provinces. In the south you have for example Andalusia containing eight provinces. We can recommend you bother to make a stopover during your wicker in different regions. So you have a lot of variety during your trip and get acquainted with the different regions.

Planning a trip with the camper to Spain

The advantage of traveling by motorhome is that you do not need a very tight schedule. You will always find a staplek for the camper. We always like to choose from a number of cities or areas that we want to visit and also not too much planning. This gives you a very free feeling while traveling. We encourage you therefore to not too much planning, but few seek out cities you want to visit really like. Would you like to do a route? We encourage you to http://www.camperroutes.nlto visit. This site is full of trails for a fun trip through Spain. Not only does this website routes through Spain, but also for many other countries. This site is very suitable for people who like to travel with the camper and still want a tight schedule.

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