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Making a trip can be very relaxing and fun. It is nice to have in advance a route you can travel. Fortunately we still have a number of routes where the road is enough to see. In this article we will uitplannen two beautiful itineraries for you.

A trip through northern Greece

In Greece there are many beautiful towns where you can take a nice vacation. A trip through northern Greece is certainly not a bad idea. One of the best itineraries through Europe as it is to us. In northern Greece, it is ideal to start in Thessaloniki. This is a busy city that is very nice to visit. If you’re more relaxed, however, maintains it’s no place to stay very long. From Thessaloniki you can travel direction Afitos. This is a very quiet place where you can relax ideal.

Afitos is very suitable to stay several days. From Afitos we recommend you to travel to Sitonia. On Sitonia there is a lot of nature and beach and here you can safely stay several days. Many Greeks celebrate holidays and the atmosphere is also very good. Here you can really enjoy the local culture. From Sitonia you can travel towards Kalambaka. A nice town with very popular monasteries. A place you will not soon forget. The last place in Northern Greece we recommend Kala Nera. A quiet place and ideal to finish your holiday.

The Dolomites and Lake Garda in Italy

The Dolomites and the Garda Lake are the two main attractions of Italy. It is ideal to combine these two places in one trip. We recommend that you start the trip in Cortina, a beautiful and peaceful village. From Cortina you can travel to Bolzano. Bolzano is a great city with much to see. From Bolzano you can leave for Verona. A very famous place and highly recommended to stay a few days. From Verona it will not be long before you reach the lake. Lake Garda is not for nothing that one of the most famous holiday destinations. This is a very nice place where you can spend a very nice time as a tourist.

Are you curious more beautiful itineraries? Keep our eye on this website. We meet regularly with interesting destinations for your holiday.

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