Most popular beach destinations in Turkey, Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz

Oludeniz is the most popular destination in Turkey. In Turkish, the term Oludeniz means the “Dead Sea”. Oludeniz is located just 10km away from Fethiye. This is the most photographed beaches in the entire Mediterranean Sea. The Lagoon is a Turkish natural reserve, which is tucked away in the sandy bay, with a pebbly beach. Oludeniz beach, being famous for aquamarine and turquoise colors, is the global official Blue Flag and normally rated as the top five best beaches in the world.

Oludeniz has only a population of 4000 inhabitants. It is packed with luxury resorts and holiday houses on the Mediterranean Sea coast. The Paragliding Flights and the Blue Lagoon make it the most adored tour destination that one must visit at least once in a lifetime. The beach is a protected area and opens as from 8am to 20 in the night. There is a very small fee, insignificant, that is charged to gain access to the beach and the facilities.

Going for a holiday or vacation to the Blue Lagoon beach offers a unique kind of relaxing environment, a beach surrounded by green mountains. Very calm waters which attract water sports ranging from kayaking, sailing to swimming. Most people still prefer just to have a stretch at the lagoon edge or on the sun lounges and enjoy the view.

The visiting time

Pay a visit on during peak season months between August and July, during the summer. The only downside visiting during peak days is the hike prices, but this is normal in every destination one would like to visit during the holidays. However, May and September do offer great weather, no clouds and fresher than summer. Ramadhan is not the best time to pay a visit here, the date is always variable.

Getting into Oludeniz

Oludeniz is located just 10km away from Fethiye. The visitors first arrive in Fethiye then take a bus to Oludeniz. There is also transportation to drive around the attraction beaches and destinations around Oludeniz. The journey always ends at Blue Lagoon, so be sure to tell the driver to drop you there.

The Beaches

Summers are busy days at the beach, visitors prefer jamming Belcekiz Beach, and the Turks prefer Inclet Beach. It is wiser to go for the less commercialized and less busy places like Kidrak Beach. One can however always join the public just to catch up with the masses.

The Nearby Villages

There are a number of isolated villages here. Towards the south of Kidrak, slightly inland, find the Yediburun headlands, the Seven Capes.

Boat Tours

Don’t forget to take the daily boats that offer trips to the remote islets, Byzantine ruins and coves. The most popular boat ride is the Kelebek Vitasi Butterfly Valley, known for the limestone canyon and the beaches. Get the visa turkey in preparation to visit the most loved place in the world.

Accommodation and Eating out

There are a variety of accommodation types to choose from, ranging from the bungalow tree houses, campsites dormitories, budget cabins and several starred hostels. It may be a little expensive eating at this destination, and the life night extended to late in the night, the music is loud and fun for the outgoing.

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