Op vakantie met een camper?

Why on holiday with the camper?

It’s very nice to go on holiday with the camper. Your motorhome is full of your own stuff, you need never worry that you’re missing something. Rent a pitch for the motorhome is usually when hiring a lot cheaper from a cottage. Sometimes it is even possible to find a free spot, but this is quite difficult in most tourist spots. Yet it remains a fact that a holiday with the camper can be very beneficial. Also you can easily schedule a tour with the camper. There are plenty of reasons to plan a holiday with a camper. In this article we will talk mainly about suitable holiday destinations for the camper.

Holidays with a motor home in Italy

Italy is a country where we like to go on vacation. For the camper enough nice places here. For example there are many pitches for camper on Lake Garda. This is a very popular place where you can enjoy the water and beach. In other popular places in Italy you always have pitches for rent. You may in Italy just as hard drive with the camper or car. This is a very big difference to the trailer, which you can on the highway just 90 kilometers per hour.

Holiday with the camper in Spain

Spain is still as a country we summertime flocking to attract. Also, Spain is a great country to travel around the camper. Thus, a road trip through Andalusia with the camper fun. You can enjoy the culture, but there are also very beautiful coasts in Andalucia. Also around the big cities there are places in Spain for the camper. This makes traveling in Spain with the camper easier. You can with a motor of less than 3.5 tonnes in Italy drive up to 100 kilometers per hour. So watch out that you do not drive too fast.

With the RV through Austria

Austria is a beautiful country for a tour. There are in Austria special places where you can place your RV one day. Then you have to continue traveling. Therefore your route dotted advance good. Nice places to visit in Austria include Salzburg and Tyrol. In Austria you are allowed outside the village 100 kilometers per hour by the camper.

Other countries to visit the camper

There are of course many other countries to visit the RV. Throughout Europe there are nice places where you can go with the camper. Likewise Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal and Sweden very appropriate. Of course you can also make a tour of several countries. There are many possibilities if you have a motor home owned why we are so fond of traveling by RV. We hope that you experience lots of fun during your holiday camper.

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