Sailing the rocky Waters

Have you ever wanted to sale across the Mediterranean on the crystal clear Rocky waters? Croatia is known for the beautiful coastline in the Mediterranean Sea for all tourist to come. Dubrovnik is where the this special boating Extravaganza is being held.

A gracious starting time at 10am We’ll start your day off just perfect. As you meet your tour guide in the lobby of your hotel to go over the spectacular itinerary you will be intrigued by the sites that are up for the day.The first water scene will be kayaking. The kayaking experience starts in a small port called pile, beneath the port In Lovrijenac. After fun-in-the-sun kayaking you can stop by this delicious restaurant called Orhan to suffice all your hunger needs.

Island Brac will be one of your next sites to see, as it is one of the biggest islands in the Adriatic Islands should be a sight to never forget. Here you will enjoy the luscious grounds of the island in perfect sites soaring across the sea. Find the perfect guide to host your sailing getaway to see the beautiful Brac Channel coastline.The Brac channel coastline has beautiful white sand that feels very nice between your soft toes. while enjoying all this you can stop to take a bite to eat while you sail with a four-star lunch that is accommodated for you.

Alongside the sailing a private SUV tour of the Adriatic Islands is also accommodated.Is exciting part of the tour comes off road and also on paved roads for a smooth clean ride.You will travel up the highest peaks and see what the Adriatic Islands are all about.

If you into sailing water sports or just scenery’s on the water. A tour like this will be perfect for you for you and your spouse, or even for your family. So get the family together and start your plan to book this awesome to her now.

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