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A fun and free thing to do while on holiday at a beach is building a sandcastle. However, why just build any old sandcastle? With these tips and tricks you can make bigger and better castles and sculptures than ever before.Helping kids sculpt an amazing sandcastle is a great way to have fun and relax at a family holiday and do something together that is more of a memory than just another day at the beach. So here are some tips and tricks that the pros use to help make sure that even if your sandcastle isn’t an award winner it will be fun and something to remember.

Pack Necessities

Whether you are going to your local lake with a sandy beach or you are travelling around the world to explore a new beach, you need to basic essentials for sand castle building. The will start with a good sturdy bucket. You will want a buck that can shape parts of your castle, can carry water and sand. This will be the foundation of your beginning sand castle skills. After the puzzle you need sculpting tools such as shovels, old kitchen tools like an icing spreader, a cake slicer, and more. You can use whatever your imagination conjures up.

The Incidentals

While there are necessities to get started in your architecture, there are some other items that will add visual impact to your build. One of these easiest ways to add aesthetic to your sandcastle is to use environmental and food safe food coloring dye. Just mix a little in with your sand and disperse on your castle, in your moat, into the grassy knolls, and so on. You might also want to use paper umbrellas, or small flags to enhance the outer view of your castle. If you have a Lego’s fan, you might want to add some Lego people to your sand community.

Professional Tips

When you are out on your sandcastle adventure, you might want to consider some tips that professionals use. (Yes, there are Sandcastle Professionals!)

·         Location, Location, Location!– When you have made the decision to build, you need to choose the best place to build. Start by surfing the web and sand castle forums to determine what locations are popular with other building, to find out what locations as the best building options, and more. Your can never pick a perfect location, but picking a bad one will ruin your outing.

·         Sand Consistency– To begin you need good sand consistently. Sand is a broad palette with its many textures and moisture levels. You can note this for yourself as you step onto the upper beach level and move down towards the water. There is the dry, soft, sugar like sand, the some soft, but moist sand below, and there is the springy, almost buoyant sand that in at the water’s edge. Use a bit of both, and test your consistency by adding sand to water until you are at your perfect water to sand ratio.

·         Dense Packed Mounds as Foundation – Just as every home built needs a solid foundation, the same is true for your sandcastle.You want to start with about 6 inches of solid packed down then add water as needed. Any extra water will draw out and back into the beach.

·         Shave in Layers – When you start to carve and add to your castle, start slowly, and shave in small simple layers. This will also allow you to determine what you need to work on.

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