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Srilanka, a tropical island nestled in the Indian Ocean is known for more than the usual that offers everything that is truly exotic. This island is known for its spice Gardens besides their tea plantations and gemstone mines. Their spice connection dates back to the ancient times when Greeks, Romans and Arabs had trade links with Srilanka. Till date, tourists make it a habit to take back spices from this island nation.

Tourism and Visa:

Srilankan visas are one of the easiest to obtain and is usually hassle free. Till months back Visa-on-arrival was permitted for most countries however recent times an online visa registration is required. They have two major visas:

1. Visitors visa: for those on a visit for business or pleasure

2. Resident visa: for those who are willing to stay there for reasons like education, business, family etc.

Either ways, a visa lets one enjoy this usually fun filled, culture rich, food paradise, shopping heaven and tourism-friendly Island.

Spice garden and tours :

The country is rich with tea and spice plantations. The spices grown here are in demand the world over and usually carry the highest grade certificate for export. Spice garden tours are extremely and one gets to enjoy the sight and flavor of the spices first hand. These tours are popular mostly in the highlands of Kandy, Matalle, Mawanella and low areas of Galle and around. Besides visiting the garden one gets to enjoy the Srilankan curries and other cuisine cooked with these fresh spices and served for lunch in the garden. The stalls there sell spices both in the raw and powdered forms as well as spice curry powders of different variations to suit individual cuisine. The island also boasts of tea plantation and produce that’s on par with the finest of tea around the globe. These spices are added to tea to produce spice teas such as masala, ginger or cinnamon tea. All it takes is valid Srilankan visas to get pampered.

Cosmetic and ayurvedic uses:

These spices are also used to produce cosmetics and ayurvedic treatment portions and they are sold in the plantations stall. Also, they sell aroma oils made from these spices. The icing on the cake is the ayurvedic treatment or massage using these fresh spices in their ayurvedic centers right in the plantation. These experiences make it an outstanding trip to anyone and tourists visit this country again and again for the same reason. Srilankan visas and flight tickets are easily available round the year and it’s a perfect getaway for tourists from across the world.

Spices worth a treasure:

Spices that are commonly produced in Srilanka include: Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, Cardamom, Turmeric, Fenugreek, Cumin, Lemon grass and the exotic Gamboges. These spices are easily found in other countries thanks to their export and their export quality produce. 90% of the produce is exported to the international market for fragrance, flavor and pharmaceutical uses. Tourists leaving this island carry with them not just gemstones such as Rubies and emeralds but also pouches and packets of spices and curry powders that they treasure as much.

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