The best holiday Getaway

Have you ever been tossed up between what you want to do for the holidays? Well you no longer have to be tossed up about where to spend a holiday or even a short break to enjoy yourself.

The most popular city that holds the holiday specials is in Zagreb. The city is very familiar with the varietys of galleries, this is including the museum of contemperary art.The dalmatia coast has very specific attractions. Zagreb has great stops for local beer and cheese.

Or you can travel to Explore the southern Dalmatian coast on the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea. Spend a few days visiting historic oceanfront towns, enjoy beach parties and nightlife and go island hopping. In summer the whole coast features festivals and live music.

Discover the historic city of Dubrovnik, its Baroque buildings and ancient monasteries watched over by the medieval Dubrovnik Castle. The town has luxury hotels with private beaches, glamorous bars and hiking trails with panoramic views over the Adriatic Sea. the Roman and Venetian architecture in Zadar and its incredible sunsets over blue waters, celebrated every evening with a sound-and-light show. Farther north, enjoy a concert at the Roman amphitheater, the Pula Arena. Escape to the sandy beaches and tranquility of the car-free Elaphiti Islands.

After making a choice for a holidday getaway you can break down which one you enjoyed the most. If you like just being able to chill out and see what thte island has to foffer then this is the tour for you.

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