The Jedi and the Thrones

Have you ever wanted to visit real life locations whereyour favorite movie and tv shows shoot their footage? Well in Croatia there are a couple different themed tours, like Star Wars and Game of Thrones. If these are one of your favorites than you should deffinetly look into getting booked for this adventurious vaction offer.

When arriving at your destination you can ease into your presence by slipping into something comfortable for a nice roam in the streets of Varos. Varos is a popular part of the city where many tourist visit for recreational time. Or take a walk to the cathedral and peer down across the gem like waters along the seaside coast.

Dubrovnik held most of the filming its very own capital. Both Star Wars and Game of Thrones were filmed there. You can walk same the path of the notorious galaxy fighters Rose and Finn. Sit back and enjoy the spectacular sites of the famous movie grounds of many features of the world.On day 2, oh yes I said day too and there’s many more days to come. Anyways day 2 will come with another exciting adventure. You will start your day by retrieving to Klis Fortress, an ancient stronghold that lived through the harshest of times back in BC era. After that your next stop is to Zrnovnica one of the oldest grain mills and all of Croatia. If you’re excited now then come stop in and book your hot vacation now.

Each tour comes accommodating a private airport transfer. Finally arriving at your hotel in Split, one of the most popular cities in Croatia to expect something exciting. As your wish, a 4-star hotel it is! It even gets better, you even get your own private driver. These drivers are well trained and very familar with the area. They will be very knowledgeable, pleasant and fun to be around.

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