Three Cave tour

Are you into the dark and mystic things in life? The three caves tour is a great attraction, it has beautiful rock sculptures. These diamond like rock shaped sites are more than memorable there unforgettable.

The tour starts in the town Hvar where the ancient caves have been born. When traveling here and wanting to expedite the trip make sure to check if the caves are open also check if forecast is presentable. This will help to make sure you have a better experience with the caves.

The blue cave is one of three caves that you will visit. It is said that the cave is a close resemblance to the cave is Capri, but is also said to be much more beautiful than the capri cave. This cave is the least popular of the three on this tour.

The green cave is another cave that is said to be very beautiful. You will see this one on the three cave tour.They call it the green cave due to the amount of green algae in the entrance of the cave settling in the water. If your boating along I want to make a pit stop the green cave is perfect for this, that is if you have a small boat.

Lastly the third cave is the monk seal cave. This cave is the longest on the shore line it is 160 meters long.It is on bisevo Island. It got its name from a monk seal, you no longer see the seals except for in recent years. They used to live and be there until the 60s hit when they became endangered.

I hope learning all this stuff increase the chances of you not cheating yourself out of a great time. don’t miss this time of your life to be able to swim in the Mediterranean and spec out all of the great caves brought to you by this tour. Book the the best tour ever now.

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