Tourist Attractions in Nicola Arcella

There are so many things to see and do while you are in Nicola Arcella. You can also visit towns that are close to it from Dino Island to Sicily if you want to add more adventure to your trip. If you love the beach, the beautiful beaches in San Nicola have kayaks, paddle boats, and rafts available for you to rent. During the summertime, there are places to eat and drink throughout the beach. There is also no charge to visit the beach. The water is clean and very clear.

In the nearby town of Praia-a-Mare, you can take a hire a boat to go to Dino Island to explore its caves and six grottos. From May to September, you can also rent paddle boats or canoes to take you to take you to these beautiful parts of nature. If you are there during the off-season, hotels will let you rent one of their canoes.

During the summer, you can also go white water rafting on the Lao River in Papasidero or go golfing at the 9-hole golf course at the Golf Club San Michele. Cruises that last all day will take you to the Aeolian Islands. You will depart on this cruise from Cetraro. If you love cold weather, you can go cross-country or downhill skiing in the Sila that is less than two hours from San Nicola.

San Nicola is a town full of history as well. There is a Roman guarding tower there that was used to defend the Romans from the Saracens And Byzantine invaders. The people that live there call this tower “Torre Crawford.” It is named after the well-known American novel writer Marion Crawford. The legend says he fell in love with a princess who was being kept captive in the tower. Since she was kept away from her love, she died of a broken heart. Crawford used San Nicola as the setting for his ghost and romance novels. Do the ghosts really exist? A local resident named Antonio says if you go to the tower at night, you can hear the princess crying.

Other historical sights in San Nicola are the Church of San Nicola DA Tolentino that was built in the 17th century has beautiful ceiling decorations and wood carved statues that are believed to date back to the 16th century. There is a small museum as well, but it is only open a few hours in the summer and not at all during the winter. No matter when you visit this town, you will find a calm and simple village that is free from disturbances and full of great places to eat. It is a town that is full of novel-like history that became the location used in actual novels.

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