Underwater Activities in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best holiday destinations worldwide. Hawaii offers a variety of activities one can engage in when on a vacation getaway. It offers a lot of activities to people of every age. It is the perfect location for adventures with guided submarine tours and extravagant shows. Tourists who enjoy physical activities can engage in hiking, climbing rocks and deep sea diving in the Hawaii waters. One of the major sports that the islands of Hawaii offer to tourists is underwater activities. These include-

Underwater submarines-
Tourists get to enjoy the underwater thrill that is given by passenger submarines. The submarines carry passengers to undersea destinations where many people have not been to. In the course of the journey, tourists are able to see a large array of the ocean life including manta rays, different species of fish and turtles. They also get to experience the Hawaiian history in form of plane and ship crash sites. There are a number of companies that offer submarine tours, but the Atlantis submarines are known to be the best.

Blue Sea Cruise-
For the tourists who would like to see the local aquatic life and prefer not to get wet, the Blue Sea Cruise is perfect for them. This cruise takes the tourist on a journey on a boat with glass at the bottom which allows one an easy access to the view underwater. One gets to see dolphins, star fish, huge whales, colourful reefs and fish. There is a marine expert at hand to answer all questions too.

Scuba Diving-
Scuba diving offers the best adventure for underwater lovers. One gets to discover the underwater world filled under the waves and offers beautiful scenery of the sea creatures and tropical coral. Tourists get to enjoy the different ocean water colours and temperatures as well. There are certified scuba divers to help in time of need. One does not need any experience at all to enjoy the underwater as a scuba diver.

Tourists also get to enjoy a snorkelling tour on a 50 ft. custom power catamaran. The adventure begins on board a catamaran for a cruise to a crystal clear destination. On arrival, one can snorkel over beautiful reefs and enjoy the amazing marine life.

Submarine Scooters-
The submarine scooters offer a spectacular underwater journey through the crystal waters and reefs. The staff takes all the participants on a unique and spectacular adventure aboard a submersible eco-scooter. The scooters allow one to view the nature of the sea while riding a self-propelled eclectic scooter. The scooter is environment friendly and one does not need to have scuba experience.

Shark Cage Encounter-
The shark cage encounter offers a one on one trip under the water with the sharks. Participants enter a state of the art shark cage and are able to see the sharks at a very close view. Safety is guaranteed and snorkel gear is given.

It is good to ensure that you book enough time so that you can enjoy as much as possible. Visitors from Ireland and the UK need to fill an Esta form which takes five to ten minutes to fill. It can be found on line.

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