Vacationing In Miami

Are you fond of travelling? And want to enjoy a warm sunny day on a beach? Then here is a best tourist spot, where you can have all these attractions at one place. It’s none other than Miami. This is the coastline refreshment city located in Miami-Dade Country, Florida, and United States.

It is the most exciting place surrounded by palm trees swaying in the breeze and famous Art Deco buildings stunning at South Beach. It is not the landscape or the money or the climate but the people of Miami, who is making that place remarkable.More than half of the population are Hispanic and majorly speak Spanish and Cuban everywhere. The place is full of entertainment.

Popular Hotels in Miami:

You can see many famous hotels like JW Marriott, Doral Golf Resort, and the Hampton Inn, and Hilton Miami Airport, Four Seasons hotel, intercontinental hotel and Miami Marriot Biscayne Bay etc.

Sight-seeing places in Miami:

South Beach: This is the most beautiful place and a very exciting beach. If you are living in Miami, this Beach is the closest of all. The water is in blue colour with transparency. March – April is the peak season for the tourists and May –August is the best off-season for the locals. You can do advance booking in one of the famous hotels near the Beach or can opt for a small hotel, which are a little far from the shore. The hotels near the beach are “the pelican”, “double tree surf comber hotel Miami etc.

Miami Science Museum and Miami children’s Museum: This museum offers entertainment for adults and scholastic knowledge for children. You can either visit as a tourist spot or as industrial tour or as a picnic spot. This is a place full of activities and exhibitions. Present exhibits include:-

  • Miami Planetarium
  • Location of Miami Science Museum
  • Wild Life Center

The visiting hours of the museum are 10am-6pm, every day. And the admission fees are around $10.95 for the senior citizens (above62yrs) and children of age3-12yrs, $14.95 for adults and free for children under 3yrs. Locals get 15% off discount on the admission fees.

Miami Zoo: This Zoo would soon be called as one of the best in the whole country. Because of the pleasant climate, it permits a large range of animals from the continents like Africa, Australia and of course from Asia too. The speciality of this place is that the all animals are cage less. Animals are categorised according to their habitats and from geographical prospective too.

Animals which can live together without harming each other are kept in one place and others are separated by ditches in between.

There are places called ‘The Samburu Giraffe Station’, which are from 11am – 6pm daily. It gives an opportunity to see the giraffe very close. Other animals like white tigers, Cuban crocodiles, Komodo dragons and gibbons are special attractions.

If you re good at walking, then this place is a right choice, as it is a total of 740acres.In which 300acres of animal exhibits. Children might enjoy the babying Zoo and also can play.

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