Visit Darling harbour in Australia and enjoy:

The Darling harbor sits adjacently to the city of Sydney, Australia. Apart from being a harbor, it is known to be a big recreational precinct for people. It is surrounded by various attractions which you can sample out. There are also major public facilities. The first thing you see as you approach the harbor is the ferries and boats. But the nearby sites are what many people will go for.

Chinese friendship garden

This Chinese garden is located in the Southern end of the harbor. From Chinatown, it is a walking distance. The garden represents the Chinese historical culture. In the garden, you will get different elements such as stones, architecture, plants, and water. Visitors will watch the towering willow trees, running water and cool lagoons. Inside, you will also sample colored fish. If you love reading books, this is the ideal place to relax. There are various programs all year round offered.

Whale watching

The Darling harbor is the ideal departing point for those who want to see the Australian whales. To see these animals, book for the 2.5-hour cruise. It is ideal for those traveling with their families. If you want to enjoy the sight, book during June or August month when the animals make their way to the warm waters. As you take off from the Harbour, make sure to carry a camera to get those spectacular images.

National Maritime Museum

The museum is built in the North of the harbor. It has indoor and outdoor attractions. It also offers good entertainment for your family. When you visit this place, you will get the opportunity to go underwater on the submarine. The underwater has remains of big gun destroyers. Inside the museum, you will also sample temporary exhibitions and historic crafts.


Carousel is full of local history. It is a delight to both the old and young persons. People visiting Darling Harbour enjoy the ride on the historic carousel. It sits at the Palm Grove. The Carousel uses the steam engine. It has a good history as it is only the second oldest in the country.

Cockle Bay Wharf

The Wharf is built on the central business district of Darling Harbour. It is built in a good place that bursts with energy. Here, there are many bars and eating restaurants. Sample the seafood and Italian dishes. There is also the Malaysian cuisine. There are several nightclubs that offer several drinks and good music. The harbor gives visitors the opportunity to sample various tastes.


It is the ideal place that allows you to be immersed in reality. You get beach decor here, delicious foods and island music. If you go inside, you are served with the great Margaritas, cold beer, and a cheeseburger. Lots of seafood is also available. You will also get something good for your kids, memorabilia and good entertainment for the families.

Traveling to Australia is something to have on your bucket list. But prior to making this, ensure you apply for an Australian visa. Those visiting on a temporary basis need to apply for the visitor visas and can be applied when you are outside Australia.

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