Why you should keep fishing in the rain

If you are a fisherman in the UK it helps not to be afraid of the rain and those that avoid it will inevitably catch far less fish as the climate dictates that half of the time it will be raining when you fish. Many fishermen are understandably sceptical about the rain and there is initially little joy when even the fish seem to be laughing at how wet you are getting. Many fishermen believe this is when you are most likely to land fish though and are committed to heading out in the worst of the British weather and claim to be rewarded by a better days catch.

There is actually some science to support this and an article from Fish and Fly explains that such factors as aerated water and changes in atmospheric pressure make fish more likely to make feed and therefore take the bait. So it would appear that you may be missing out if you choose to avoid fishing in the rain and many will surely be changing their habits very soon, one crucial thing to get right though is the gear that you use when fishing in the rain. There are three areas that are crucial to get right if you want to make fishing in the rain as rewarding and comfortable as possible.


Obviously the first step is to get yourself a set of waterproof clothes to stop the rain soaking you through and there are certainly many dedicated fishing waterproof options out there. Many fishermen avoid these though as they tend to be insulated and the British weather is often warm as well as wet making insulated waterproofs uncomfortable. Many fishermen prefer the lightweight waterproof gear from The Climbers Shop that can be worn with other layers to create a more flexible waterproof option.


When the weather turns wet it can become incredibly hard to get a good grip on the handle of a rod and it is vital that you choose you rod with this in mind. Fishing rods from Go Outdoors come with all different types of handles including cork which is preferred as it is still easy to grip when wet.


One thing that is for sure is that you really don’t want to spend all day sat out in the rain and not even catch a fish. Whilst it is true that this is always a risk when fishing, making sure that you have the right bait will ensure that you have the best chance of catching a fish come rain or shine. Carp fishing bait from UK Bait Companyis specifically designed to ensure that you have the best chance of catching that monster fish that has managed to elude you so far.

The fact remains that fishing is still a game of chance and you have to take as many opportunities as possible to catch as many fish as possible. Some of these opportunities will inevitably be rainy but ensuring that you are properly prepared for rain will see you relishing the challenge of reeling and rod bending monster fish in the rain.

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