Wine Dine and Fun!

For those who like the wine and dining then, this tour is especially for you. Finding the perfect place in the most romantic area to enjoy your meal with your significant other, is simple when you have the perfect guide to show you the perfect getaway spot to retrieve.

Your guide will take you to a magnificent Castle upon stony acreages and old fashioned town alleyways with beautiful artwork from around the world. A taste test why simply yes. you can taste the grapes and olives used in the vineyards for the perfectly aged wine dating over 2400 years ago. Even go on a underwater winery expedition. This trained aging technique is stored in jugs beneath the Seas where you have the option to swim down and see them in cultivation. After a nice taste test you can slip into the alley ways along the cute old world town like scenery. This place is known for the rolling landscape of the hills that the town was built on.

This perfect postcard like town has one of the most known restaurants in Croatia called Olive oil Grove house. They make a splendid Hvar that is famous across the Mediterranean. After enjoying a great meal you can take the next transfer to Archipelago where you can swim beneath the stunning cliffs in a hidden lagoon crystal clear water. You’ll be meters away from a popular seafood restaurant, so you can quench your Seafood taste buds.

If you were intrigued by all of these ideas and fun attractions and would like to enjoy them, well it’s simple just book a tour and you’ll be on your way.There are many accommodations such as transfers from airport, Tours, breakfast and lunch and many more. So please come on down and don’t cheat yourself out of a great time.

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